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Welcome! Below you'll find resources that will help you on your authorship journey. No matter where you are in your process now, there's something here that can help. If you have an idea of how I might add to this page, please use the contact form at the bottom to let me know! 

Some of the resources below are free. Some are paid. Some have been developed by me. Some are affiliate links to products or services of others. ALL are products, services or professionals I have personally used and vouch for. If you ever have an issue, again, please let me know so that I can update things accordingly. 

Author Resources


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  • Leverage: writing and business building tools for nonfiction authors.

  • Publishing & Marketing: resources for getting your books in readers' hands.

  • Mindset: resources that have helped me develop the mindset I needed to lift myself out of poverty, and dissolve fears and blocks to realized my biggest dreams. 

You're Invited...

I'm always learning and growing as the authorship journey evolves. Like any creative project, it's often more fun, and easier, to do it with someone. You're welcome to join me...

The Leverage Series

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Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium

by Lori Anne Rising


Based in original research, this ground-breaking book challenges the age-old “wisdom” of the publishing industry. This book doesn’t just teach writing skills, it provides a fundamental paradigm shift for authors who want their books to attract more clients, generate more income, and make a powerful difference in their reader's lives.

Comes with a bonus video training, "How to make $10K or More With Your Nonfiction Book".

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The Influential Author's Toolkit, Book 1: Topic Triangulation

by Lori Anne Rising


I can't count how often I have heard from someone how they feel called to write a book but they have no idea what they'd write about. Equally common is hearing someone talk about the subjects they think they should write about, or have been told they need to write about, and yet, they feel no real passion for. 

This book specifically focuses on how to answer the "What do I write about?" question in a way that inspires you, attracts new clients and builds your business in the direction you most want to go!

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The Influential Author's Toolkit, Book 2: Content Creation Toolbox

by Lori Anne Rising


The second most common question I get after, "What do I write about?" is "How do I write a book?" In this book, you'll learn the top methods the pros use to put together high quality, valuable content - even when they're still learning about the topic itself. There's also writing tips, editing tips, and highly effective ways of dealing with - and even avoiding - writer's block. 

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The Influential Author's Toolkit, Book 3: Strategies to Grow & Thrive

by Lori Anne Rising


Most authors think they're creating a single $15 - $20 product when they write a book, then go on to start creating something new from scratch for their next product. They don't realize how many opportunities they have to leverage the material they've already created - even WHILE they're creating it! Peal back the layers of possibilities, save yourself time, and grow your business. Templates, tips and more are included.

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The Influential Author's Toolkit: The Bundle

by Lori Anne Rising


  • Leverage: Authorship for the New Millennium

  • The Influential Author's Toolkit: Topic Triangulation

  • The Influential Author's Toolkit: Content Creation Toolbox

  • The influential Author's Toolkit: Strategies to Grow & Thrive

  • PLUS: Extra surprise bonuses not available anywhere else


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