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You are on a mission! You’re heart-centered and spirit-led with a message to share that will make others’ lives better, happier, and more fulfilling.


You’re no stranger to sacrifice either. You’ve spent years taking care of others, nurturing their hopes and calming their fears, while setting your own needs and dreams aside. You’ve stayed awake at night with worry and concern, then gotten up to do what needs to be done anyway. You’ve faced fears and taken leaps of faith you never could have imagined you’d have to make.


And now you’re feeling called to something ever greater still. Every step you take increases the gifts you have to offer because there is no one else on this planet who has the exact mix of life experience, education, training, and perspective that you have. NO ONE.


You are a path-finder, not a follower. You are a way-shower and a leader. And you are absolutely priceless.  


You work hard because you were taught that it’s the only way to achieve your dreams, but if hard work was all it took to succeed, you wouldn’t still be searching for answers.


You’ve taken classes, gone to workshops and spent thousands learning others’ secrets and seven steps to success. Unfortunately, if others’ paths were yours to follow, you’d be getting the same results they’ve gotten.


Not getting the results you want can eat at you. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking things like:  “Maybe I’m not cut out for this…” or “Maybe I still need more education or skills…” or “Maybe this isn’t really my calling…” or “Maybe I should just give it up like [so-and-so] says I should…”


…and the self-doubt grows. Yet, the feeling that you’re being called to something remains.


The truth is that there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Your calling truly IS yours to bring into the world and you already have everything you need to realize your dreams!  


What’s really going on is that you have to change your relationship with your personal power, and integrate the roles you’ve had with the person that you are.

There is a fire in you that you were born with, a part of comes alive with inspiration when you even think about your dreams, let alone take even the smallest bit of action on them.


Yet, you were conditioned to trade that inspiration for security. You were taught and trained to believe that as a woman, you had a role to fill that had to come first. You were taught that if you just give of yourself long enough all that you want and need will come back to you – and if it hasn’t yet, you just need to give more.


For some, taking on these roles as mothers, wives and caregivers IS in alignment with who they are, and because this image has become idealized, it’s who you thought you should be and become.


But it has never felt quite right for you. You’ve tried it on, given everything you’ve had of yourself to it, and found yourself feeling drained and resentful rather than fulfilled.


You’ve wondered what’s wrong with you, as if you’re somehow defective because this traditional role has felt like a trap to endure rather than the embodiment of who you’re meant to be.


But now, something has shifted for you and you find yourself outside of the traditional role you once assumed would last the rest of your life. Maybe the kids have grown and you finally have the opportunity to make this new chapter of your life your own. Maybe it was something thrust upon you by life circumstances or the choices of others, and you find yourself becoming the head of household rather than the supporting partner. Maybe you simply made a choice to look the woman in the mirror in the eye and invite her to show up more fully than ever.


On the one hand, it feels freeing and full of opportunity! On the other hand, it’s terrifying because it’s all new, all different, and you’re not sure what the future holds.


Every step forward feels like an inner tug-of-war between all of the old programming you grew up with, and the vision of who you believe you can be instead.


Do you follow your inner voice – a voice you’ve been taught to distrust; a voice that speaks to you through emotions and feelings you’ve been trained to shut out and disconnect from; a voice that offers you your dreams and feels totally in alignment with joy for your future?


Or, do you follow the ways of the world around you – ways that appear to work for others but don’t seem to work for you; ways that often leave you feeling empty, and alone; ways that leave you feel exhausted and wondering who you are when you look in the mirror?


The ability to truly break free of past conditioning effects EVERY ASPECT of your life, personally and professionally. You were trained to put others’ needs first at the sacrifice of your own, rather than learning how to balance both effectively. While being a generous person is wonderful, having an inner default setting to make others happy while sacrificing your own needs leads to both personal resentments, as well as professional suicide.


It’s impossible to negotiate effectively with business partners or clients with this unconscious default setting running you! Instead, you wind up giving in when you should hold your ground, and giving away your time, energy and money rather than receiving what you’re really worth.


But you CAN have everything you dream about, and you CAN do so in a way that feeds your heart and soul as much as it feeds your bank account. It’s not an overnight success program to implement though, and it doesn’t come with an easy set of 5, or 7 steps to follow. It’s a journey to go on.


It’s a journey of re-connecting to your deepest Self, your Wise One Within (W.O.W). It is a journey from Self-abandonment to Self-fulfillment, a journey in which you take your personal power back and reclaim your life, reprogramming your beliefs about what’s possible for your life along the way.


It is a journey in which you learn how to stop trying to please others, pushing things forward, and being something you’re not, and instead, start to show up simply as who you are, speaking your truth, and allowing in the beauty, magic, and abundance that life is meant to be.


It is a journey that you can take on your own but I wholeheartedly believe that it is a journey that is far easier and more meaningful when it’s done as part of a community where you receive support, encouragement, and mentorship from those who’ve gone on this journey before.


Because I know from personal experience that this journey can be challenging, especially on our own, I’ve created the Tribe of Rising Women as safe space for women who are ready and willing to reclaim their personal power from the inside out, and to make the shift from self-abandonment to self-fulfillment.


I don’t know if it’s right for you or not – only you can decide that – but I’d like to take a moment to share with you what the Tribe of Rising Women offers…


It’s set up as a private, secure Facebook group in which I’m facilitating discussions, providing mentorship and creating a safe, supportive space for like-minded women who are ready to rise.


In live and recorded videos, I share my story, my experiences, my mistakes and lessons, and the aha moments life provides as they unfold.


Each month in 2020, I am adding a 3-part training video series that will remain accessible to Tribe members for as long as they are members, so you have access to current and past trainings anytime.


This is an online group that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can post a question or personal experience and receive feedback and support from me, as well as all of the Tribe members.


It’s month-to-month so there’s no long-term commitment or contract to sign.


But you do have to make a choice: Are you ready and willing to reconnect with your Wise One Within, claim your personal power and unleash your calling into the world? Or would you rather continue doing what you’ve been doing and getting the same results you’ve been getting?


Time is going to pass regardless of the choice you make, so please take a moment to consider what you’d like your life to look like, feel like, and be like 1 year from now….  2 years from now…  5 years from now…


Do you want it to be more of the same or do you see yourself living happier, healthier, and more fulfilled?


If you are ready and willing to embark on this journey, or if you’ve been on this journey for a while and would like additional support, you’re invited to become a member of the Tribe of Rising Women.


As long as you choose to be a member, you’ll have full and complete access to:

  • Monthly recorded training videos

  • Live discussion chats each month

  • Spontaneous and ongoing “aha moment shares” via Facebook Live

  • Ability to ask questions and request feedback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via Facebook posts

  • Additional resources and downloads made available on an ongoing basis

  • A community of women who are walking by your side, encouraging you, and supporting you at every step of the way.


The normal cost for this group is just $47.00 per month.


But I know how scary if can feel to get started on such a personal journey. That’s why there’s a two-step trial period.


For a limited time, you can enjoy full and complete access for up to 7 days for just $7.00 USD.


If you’re enjoying it, stay in and receive your first full month for just $27. That’s a total of $34 for your first 5 weeks of mentorship, community, support and resources.


After that, it’s just $47 per month. You can cancel at any time.


Would you rather continue to experience the exhaustion and frustration of the same old results? Or, are you ready to reclaim your life and live your dreams?


It’s your choice.

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