Meet Lori Anne

Nine Mile Canyon, UT
Women's March on Washington - PDX
Scuba Diving Cert, S. OR
Redwood Forest, CA
Standing Rock, ND
Body Exhibit, Las Vegas, NV
Something I wrote, then painted
Melissa Etheridge concert, WA
Cannon Beach, OR - My favorite spot!

This is a judgment-free zone. I'm a former people-pleaser, martyr, and abuse survivor.  What I know is that healing and transformation aren't easy, but it is absolutely worth waking up every day to take the next step. 

Some days, that next step might just be as simple as getting out of bed. Other days, it'll be taking massive action on a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). And everywhere in between. 

I used to dream about being published, having a master's, and traveling. Today, I'm doing all three - and much more!

I'll never say that I have it all figured out - I'm still learning, growing and becoming a better version of myself all the time - but I will say that you're welcome to follow along. If anything I share can support you along the way, it's my pleasure to offer it. Check out my books and the interviews I've done to learn even more...