Lori Anne

International Award-winning Author,

Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor, & Digital Nomad

When we connect with our Wise One Within, we begin to live a WOW kind of life!

Lori Anne

Nine Mile Canyon, UT
Women's March on Washington - PDX
Scuba Diving Cert, S. OR
Redwood Forest, CA
Standing Rock, ND
Body Exhibit, Las Vegas, NV
Something I wrote, then painted
Melissa Etheridge concert, WA
Cannon Beach, OR - My favorite spot!

This is a judgment-free zone. I'm a former people-pleaser, martyr, and abuse survivor turned Certified Life Coach with a Master's in Leadership, a digital nomad, and a rising woman striving to live by example.  


Healing and transformation aren't easy, but after rebuilding my self-identity and my life more than once after change, trauma, and loss, what I've learned is that it's absolutely worth waking up every day to take the next step. 

Some days, that next step might just be as simple as getting out of bed. Other days, it'll be taking massive action on a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). And everywhere in between. 

I used to dream about being published, traveling, and being able to make a living online. Today, I'm doing all three! Pictures above show some of our past adventures. Follow me on social media to see present and future ones!

No matter what it looks like, you're not alone! Check out the You Rising! Podcast or receive your Personalized Reading, and let's keep rising.... together!

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A Wonderful Chaos with Andy & Bambos: 

"I found Lori Anne to be a super-brave and courageous overcomer. It's evident that she's done the strenuous work of trusting herself against all odds, comfort, common sense, and status quo. That journey is the loneliest place in the world. But worth it, of course, if we come through with an identity that attracts the right people and salves that horror of self-doubt and self-gas-lighting that invariably accompanies that dark passage. That in itself is a respect-earning feat. But her attributes don't stop there...  in this episode, she was the weathered sage whose lighthouse shone brightly... The gravitational pull of her will-power and grace surely pulls at those listeners lacking said assets like thirst to water. And how refreshing and satiating is her depth! And to top off all these beauties, she is humble and unaware that her hard work beams off of her and can be traced back to deep inside of her.  What a woman! What a human being! There's hope for humankind if the likes of Ms. Rising exist. As Bambos says, "Bravo!" - Cass M.

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Jesse Jamison and Friends:

Lori Anne discusses her intuitive journey, the voices she hears, and dances with a skeptic about how to tell if it's all real or not.

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The Abundology Podcast with Renee Spears:

Lori Anne discusses reconnecting with our Wise One Within, and how to shift from self-abandonment to self-fulfillment.

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