Group Mentorship 

With mentorship, you're never alone! 

Women who've engaged in intuitive and spiritual mentorship have experienced:

  • Clarity... in their purpose, direction, and priorities

  • Alignment... Identifying and changing patterns that no longer work (even if they once did)

  • Healing... the worries, anxieties, and fears that undermine joy

  • Intuition... A deep sense of feeling grounded and guided from the inside out

  • Self-Esteem... increasing ability to trust themselves, their intuition and Life Itself

  • Confidence... increasing courage when facing new situations, the unknown, or making big decisions

  • Passion... a strengthened relationship with their Wise One Within

And so much more!

The end result is the ability to create the life of deep satisfaction, joy and meaning that you're craving, while feeling supported through the transitions and changes required to get there. 

Below you'll find three different ways to get started and connect with a growing community of women from around the world. Women just like you who are at various stages of their journey through the wilderness of change, transition, and redefining their lives. 


The private community is one that I personally monitor to ensure the safety and support of everyone who participates. There are no requirements to participate at any particular level. You're welcome to watch and listen, post or comment as it feels right for you. Knowing you're not alone gives you the courage, confidence and support to rise!

Women - and all who identify as women - are welcome! 

Happy Friends

Working with Lori Anne was a gift to my journey, she helped me bring clarity at a time in my life when I needed confidence in the big step I am taking in my life. She is calm, easy to follow, and gives terrific guidance during the process. I highly recommend her services.

Kim, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Coach

Thank you for the wonderful talk. I feel very lucky to have been able to connect with you. There is more I could write about that, but scarcely know where to start... Thank you for what you do.

Jane, Wife, Daughter

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Self-Paced Program

Exclusive access to downloads and resources that guide you back to your Wise One Within - Your WOW - for a happier, healthier, more vibrant and thriving YOU!

  • Your Rising Roadmap: Ungrounded to Guided in 7 Days

  • Early Access to You Rising! Podcast Episodes

  • New Resources Added Each Month

$7 USD

per Month

No long-term commitment required. Unsubscribe any time.

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Online Community

Surround yourself with supportive women who "get" what you're going through. Ask questions, share your journey, give and receive encouragement, wisdom, and more among rising women, just like you!

  • Everything in the Self-Paced Program, PLUS...

  • You Rising! Interactive community of rising women.

  • You. Rising! the international award-winning book (eBook Download)

$27 USD

per Month

No long-term commitment required. Unsubscribe any time.

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V. I. P.

At this level, you continue to receive all that's available in the Self-paced Program and the Online Community, PLUS additional support that's personalized and tailored to you. Know you're not alone while helping create a support system for the growing number of women rising around the world.

  • Everything in the other two tiers, PLUS...

  • Access to exclusive, "Ask Me Anything" sessions

  • VIP Discounts on Mentorship and programs. 

$47 USD

per month

No long-term commitment required. Unsubscribe any time.

Take Advantage of the 1x FREE Mentorship Conversation!

Learn More HERE.


Getting started is simple! But there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to ensure you receive all of your benefits!

  • When you click on the "Get Started" button, you'll be taken to They host the You Rising! Community. They are an independent, third party entity. All who join are subject to their terms and conditions. 

  • Online Community & V.I.P. members will also need to set up a Discord account as part of their registration with Patreon in order to participate in the You Rising! Community. Discord is an independent, third party entity. All who join are subject to their terms and conditions.

I chose these platforms because of their solid reputations and to ensure the community is truly open to all women regardless of their engagement with any particular social media platform.

If you have any questions or concerns about these programs, mentorship itself, or want to explore one-to-one mentorship, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or use the Contact Form to email me. I, or a member of my team, will get back to you within 3 to 5 business days.