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If You Don't Know... You're Not Alone! 

Whether it's empty-nesting, job changes, divorce, sudden loss, marriage, a new baby, moving, or even "just" an inner sense of "something" that results in feeling less engaged, lost or frustrated, you're not alone.

I've been married...  and divorced. I've lost everything and had to rebuild my life - three times (so far!). I've lost my children and felt as if my reason for being went with them....

I know what it's like to feel lost, alone, stuck, and wondering "what's now?"

These are the times when we need to reconnect with our Wise One Within - our personal WOW - to find the answers we're seeking. Yet, these are also the times when it can be the most difficult to feel connected to....  anything!

Those I work with are just like you... plagued by feelings of self-doubt, shaken confidence, and experiencing difficulty trusting themselves with the decisions they're facing.


There are many ways in which we are directed onto a life-changing path we never saw coming. It can be disorienting, confusing and even frightening at times, especially if you're not sure what's happening, what's "normal," or what to expect. 

With support and guidance however, your journey toward a more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling life can unfold in a way that empowers and strengthens you!


Intuitive readings and mentorship provides:

  • Clarity... in your purpose, direction, and priorities

  • Alignment... Identifying and changing patterns that no longer work (even if they once did)

  • Healing... the worries, anxieties, and fears that undermine joy

  • Intuition... A deep sense of feeling grounded and guided from the inside out

  • Self-Esteem... increasing ability to trust themselves, their intuition and Life Itself

  • Confidence... increasing courage when facing new situations, the unknown, or making big decisions

  • Passion... a strengthened relationship with their Wise One Within

And so much more!

The end result is the ability to create the life of deep "soultiation," joy and meaning that you're craving, while feeling supported through the transitions and changes required to get there. 

Click on the yellow button below to learn more and find ways to receive guidance and support that works for you, your schedule, and your budget. 

If you'd like to get a better feel for what an intuitive mentorship conversation is like, listen to some of these "Mentorship Monday" episodes on YouTube. NOTE: Women in these episodes agreed to allow their sessions to be made public. Yours will remain private and confidential! 

Guidance & Support Are Available to You...

Email 1-2 questions you have about whatever is on your mind. I'll email you back an audio recording of what the guides have to say within 3 business days. 

Flowers in Pocket

Working with Lori Anne was a gift to my journey, she helped me bring clarity at a time in my life when I needed confidence in the big step I am taking in my life. She is calm, easy to follow, and gives terrific guidance during the process. I highly recommend her services.

Kim Meunch

Ocean Rocks

My reading gave me so much confidence in my situation. It resonated well and you can tell in her voice how much she cared about you and really took her time with it. I highly recommend. Very gifted.

Flower in Sunlight

Lori Anne did a reading for me and it was so on point! She even talked about a trip to Hawaii I’m planning. Gave me chills! She is very gifted and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Sea Shell

Lori Anne has the kind of energy that makes you just want to pour your heart out, knowing you're safe. She immediately understood where I was coming from and offered powerful tools for reframing, which led to real healing from feelings of self-doubt, low self-esteem, worthlessness, and the infamous mom guilt. No one has ever taught me the method she taught me! I am so grateful for how much healing she provided. Lori Anne is amazing!

Rachel Fontenot

Channeled Readings & 
Interactive Sessions

Gain Clarity & Confidence!

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  • Schedule an interactive session with me personally for additional insight and support.

  • Additional options available for follow up and clarity when needed. 

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