Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intuitive & Spiritual Mentorship?

I believe we all have a depth of awareness and being-ness that we have been taught to ignore, shut down, or pretend doesn't exist. Whether by well-meaning loved ones who expressed their love by keeping us small without realizing it, because we've been hurt by life circumstances or because of abuse, the end result is that we've "turned off" our connection to our Wise One Within. My approach centers around helping you reconnect with YOUR Wise One Within - regardless of your background, beliefs, traditions, culture, or any other factors. I believe there's a part of you that knows what's right and best for you, and when you connect with it, your life blossoms.

What do you mean by "spiritual"?

I make a distinction between "spriritual" and "religious". Women from ALL faiths are welcome, and whatever language works for YOU to express your relationship and beliefs about that which is greater than us, is welcome also. When I refer to "Spiritual", I am refering to that part of each of us that just "knows". Some refer to it as their Soul. Some as God within. Some as their Higher Self. Some as the Universe that moves through them. You may have your own word for it. I refer to it as the Wise One Within. In my one-to-one practice, as well as within my own life experience, I have noticed that as we develop a deeper relationship with our Wise One Within, our sense of connection with the greater mysteries and power of the Universe also develops. Even atheists have experienced a greater connection with Nature and with Humanity. The end result is a deeper, greater sense of meaning, purpose, and passion that expresses itself as a sense of satisfaction with our lives like no other.

What is Mentorship? How is it different from Coaching or Therapy?

Pure coaching is when the coach is only asking questions to guide the conversation and raise your awareness. There are times however, when someone lacks information that they need to receive. Often, a coach steps out of "coach mode" and into "teaching mode" to help facilitate this learning. However, the conversations are positioned around reaching a specific goal such as making a specific amount of money, attracting a specific number of clients, writing a book, attracting a life partner, etc. It is a wonderful and helpful partnership to have when your focus can be boiled down into a specific, future-oriented goal. Therapy is about healing the past in order to allow ourselves to be fully present. There are many, many different kinds of counselors and therapists, and their work is vital. However, once the past is healed enough to begin moving forward, their role ends - unless there are ongoing mental health issues. Mentorship is about ongoing personal and spiritual growth. Mentors have been used within corporations for generations as a way of helping younger employees who show promise to develop the leadership skills they need to take over down the road. There's no one specific goal that drives the relationship nor determines the length of time that mentorship lasts. Some mentorship relationships are very brief, lasting only a few meetings. Some last a lifetime. And everything in between. Mentorship conversations are sometimes coaching, sometimes teaching, sometimes just listening, and sometimes, they're just about being there for someone without judgement, guilt, shame or blame so that the individual can work through whatever it is that's come up for them. All three roles are healthy, valuable, and can work together!

How do I reach you if I have more questions?

Please use the Contact Form to send me an email. I, or a member of my team, will get back to you within 3 to 5 business days.

I don't know if we're a good fit. How do I find out?

To get a feel for the kind of mentoring I do, you're welcome to eavesdrop in on some of the conversations that are part of the You. Rising! podcast. They're available on my YouTube Channel HERE. If you still have questions, you're welcome to email me using the Contact Form. I'm happy to address any concerns you might have. We can also schedule a 30 minute conversation to make sure we're a good fit before you order your mentoring package. Simply use the same Contact Form to let me know a little about yourself, what you'd like mentoring around, and to make the request. I look forward to connecting with you!

How long is a session?

We block out an hour. Most sessions are about 45-50 minutes. However, sometimes clients feel complete before then. It's totally OK to use the remaining time on your calendar to rest, meditate, journal, walk, or do any other self-care activity you want or need to before you transition back to other things. If you need the full 60 minutes, it's available to you.