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Meet Lori Anne, M.A.

International Award-Winning Author,

Intuitive & Spiritual Mentor & Digital Nomad.

I've had life rip the carpet out from under me, leave me feeling lost, alone, and wondering why I should even get out of bed. What I discovered is the sacred path through the wilderness that leads us to our strength, unique gifts, and joy-filled living. Today, I help women reconnect with their Wise One Within - the W.O.W. in their life - to feel grounded and guided so that they can rise and thrive too!

Start Your Journey

You. Rising! Podcast

A FREE resource for women wandering in the wilderness and ready to feel grounded and guided again! This podcast features several different show formats:

  • Mentorship Mondays: Eavesdrop on mentoring conversations with women who are deep in the wilderness of their own lives. Glean tools, tips, and real-life solutions for what's happening today. Learn how to receive a FREE Mentorship session HERE!

  • Rising Woman Wednesdays: Conversations with women who've found their way to the other side and are thriving again. Learn how you can be a guest HERE!

  • Friendship Fridays: It's just you and me and a little heart-to-heart. Submit questions you'd like to hear discussed on the show using the Contact Form. If your question is selected, you receive a FREE Copy of the award-winning "You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose."

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What Women Are Saying about 

You. Rising!

How Aligned

Are You?

Download this original, FREE quiz direct from the pages of my international award-winning book, "You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose." and discover how aligned you are with YOUR Wise One Within!

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