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Award winning, bestselling creative nonfiction & memoir author.

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About Lori Anne

Original. Authentic. Powerful. Award-winning, Best-selling author. A geek and a nerd in love with personal development, feminine empowerment and social justice. 

Because really, how else can dreams come true unless we're willing to grow, are fully empowered, and society itself is just? 

Whatever our soul's purpose is, we WILL live it. We may live it in regret, live it in mediocrity, or live it fully, but we WILL live it. 

Lori Anne imagines a world in which every being is fully supported to embody and express their dreams and purpose in the highest and best form possible. What an incredible world that can be!

Her work and writing supports women who are ready and willing to grow from the inside out, realize their visions, and stand in their truth to create the life they've been craving. By identifying one's truest, personal core values, eliminating roadblocks and fears, and being willing to step into their most joy-filled dreams, women will change the world.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Anne loves the outdoors. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, scuba diving, cross stitch, hiking, painting, wood carving and the company of good friends.

The Bragging Box: 

  • 2018 - You. Rising! wins the FINALIST Award in the International Book Awards

  • 2017 - Published You. Rising!

  • 2016 - Published in the international best-selling, My Big Idea

  • 2014 thru 2015 - Teaching for the Portland Community College Business Development Center, CLIMB

  • 2014 - Teaching for JC:HEM International, online higher education for marginalized students and refugees.

  • 2013 - Published in the international best-selling, Finding Fulfillment in the Spiritual Age

  • 2013 - Earned master's in Organizational Communications & Leadership from Marylhurst University

  • 2013 - Published in Instant Barter Magazine

  • 2013 - Re-certified as Life Coach

  • 2013 - Monthly contributing author for Business Heroine Magazine

  • 2011 thru 2012 -  Featured Expert in Positive Thinking for

  • 2009 - Featured Expert for Compass Life Coaching's Monthly Action Plan (TM)

  • 2005 - Erickson College, Life Coaching Training


*Note:  in 2013, Lori Anne changed her last name from Chance to Rising. Works published before then retain the name Chance.

"Lori Anne delivers her message in beautifully scripted chapters that are a pleasure to read."

~Rosalie, Author, Daughter ~