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Author Resources & Interview Opportunity

Below is a list of resources I have personally used to help market my nonfiction books. Some offer free services, others are paid services. It is not, nor is it intended to be an exhaustive list of what's available to you! Service providers, and their services, change often - even more often than I can keep up with at times. So, I offer this as a resource only. While I do hope each one is useful and helpful, I cannot guarantee your experience will be like mine, so please do what you feel is right and best for you and your book!

Author Interview Opportunity!

Are you a female author of nonfiction? Are you interested in having an author blog post all about YOU posted in my social media platforms?


Please review the following basics to make sure we're a good fit for each other before completing the form:

1. You MUST be a female author of nonfiction. I will occasionally consider children's book as well, but on a VERY limited basis. 

2. My mission is to empower women and improve lives one book and one conversation at a time. Please consider whether or not what you offer is in alignment with this mission.

3. Filling out the form is NOT a guarantee of being published. It is considered a request. I review ALL submissions personally.

4. If you are selected, you WILL be notified. If not, I will try but can't guarantee I'll be able to let you know.


5. I am one person doing this on a volunteer basis because I believe in supporting women's voices. Patience is very much appreciated!!

6. If you are in alignment with the above items: CLICK HERE to fill out the form! It's FREE (for now).

I look forward to reviewing your interview!

Thank you,

Lori Anne

Linda is a book marketing consultant with decades of experience! She is an author as well and uses her own methods to generate actual, real income from her books. I have been using her program personally and am incredibly impressed with who she is, how she works, the level of skill and knowledge she has, and the amount of relevant, useful resources she shares. Check out her website and watch for the opportunity to join one of her webinars! She's absolutely worth it. 

Several packages available at reasonable fees. She's developed her own Book Club and genre specific pages. I don't see a lot of this kind of specific promotions, so it could be helpful, especially for new release as well as for self-help, and women-centric books. She can be found online here.

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Resources included on this page are offered as a courtesy only. Unless otherwise noted, I receive NO compensation for referring these resources. I encourage you to review them as fully as you would any other service provider or vendor you work with to ensure they are a good fit for you and your goals.