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Are you feeling it?

Whether life has been challenging for quite a while, or has appeared to be everything you've dreamed it could be, there's a little voice deep inside whispering to you, wondering...

"Is this all there is?"

You're smart, creative, and have visions of possibilities for the future that you'd love to see realized. You've worked hard. You've done everything you needed to and knew that you should do. Some of it's worked out great! Some of it hasn't. 

And underneath it all, there's still that feeling, that nudge, that longing that asks...

"What would life be like if I....?"

For a moment, you indulge that fantasy of being the person who takes that risk, gives it a shot, and for whom it all works out...  and for a few minutes, you're smiling, feeling alive in a way you normally don't, and feeling like life has meaning and purpose again...

Then, the "real world" creeps back in. You pick up where you left off, do what needs to be done, go back to playing the role you find yourself in, and do the best you can to make the most of another day. 

But that feeling just won't leave you. That fantasy of who you could be and of what might be possible keeps breaking into your quiet moments. 

"What if you could...?"

But you've tried before, right? You don't have enough education, right? You're too old - or too young, right? You don't have enough of the right kind of experience...  or connections...  or time...  or money... or whatever it is that you've come to believe you "should" have or "need to" have that you don't have right now. 

The truth is that those are all just excuses. They are the external voices of others - be it your parents, your friends, the media, colleagues, or anyone else who wants you to remain the predictable, dependable you they've come to know. They're not the truth of you. 

That quiet feeling inside...  that's the truth of you trying to show you the truth of you! 

That joy you feel when you indulge that fantasy...  that's the truth of you showing you what's possible for you!

That inner calling you find yourself day-dreaming about...  that's the truth of you showing you what will bring your life the most meaning and purpose - for you. 

I know you've struggled with answering this calling before. It's normal to try more than a few times only to find ourselves back at square one, again and again. 

It's not because we're not capable, or don't have the right credentials, or aren't the right age, or don't have the right resources... it isn't any of those things. 

It's because we keep trying to answer our personal and unique calling by trying to put it in a box or a system designed by others. People tell us things like, "Well, if you want to do X, you'll have to do Y." and we believe them, so we get started on doing Y, but it doesn't work. Then both they and we take that as proof that it wasn't meant to be. 

What if they're all wrong?

What if your path forward is as unique to who you are as the calling that whispers to you at night, and distracts you during the day?

What if everything you need is already within you and all you really need is to learn how to access it, understand it, and take action on it? 

What if you really could live that life you dream about? Would you do it?

What if I told you that it would require going on an inner journey; a journey into becoming aware of our own habits of self-abandonment and learning how to make new choices...?

What if I told you that it might not always be an easy journey, but if you're willing to take it, not only will you have the life you dream of...  you could have even more!

Would you give yourself permission to have the "more" you that's available to you?

If you're interested in learning more about this journey to see if it calls to you, watch this 3 Part Training on Shattering Your Inner Glass Ceiling

If you feel like it's a fit, there will be an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey you are. 

If not, no problem! 

My only request is that you give yourself the gift of exploring what this journey is really about, then honor what is true for you. 

And every day, in some small way...

Keep Rising, My Friend!

Lori Anne